Add a GIF to an email campaign

Learn to include GIFs in your email campaigns.


Everyone loves GIFs. Right? But there are a few things you need to know before you start using them in your email campaigns.

What you need to know about GIFs

  • The maximum GIF size is 10MB.
    Try to upload anything bigger and it won't work. If you have a GIF that's too big, try cutting it down to size using a third-party image editor.
  • GIFs don't animate in every email client.
    Each provider handles GIFs differently. If they're not supported, they'll normally show the first frame as a still image.
  • Test sends are the key to GIF success!
    That's right. Test test test. You can send test sends to check how each email client displays your email.

Adding a GIF to an email campaign

You can add GIFs to your campaign in the same was as you add other images. Learn all about using images in Working with images in EasyEditor.

Using GIFs with Microsoft Outlook 365

GIF support is new to Microsoft Outlook and not all versions have it. For example, due to a phased roll-out of GIF support, some versions of Outlook 2016 still are unable to play GIFs.

Microsoft fully introduced GIF support in Outlook 365, but sometimes they require a little tweaking to get looking just right.

GIFs play automatically and loop three times, after which they pause. Play the GIF again using the play icon.


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