Add the Chat widget to a page or form

Learn to add the Chat widget embed code to your page in Pages and forms.


Copy and paste the auto-generated code to your page's tracking code input box to make the Chat widget show on your website. Your visitors can then use the widget to get on-the-spot help from your agents.

Adding the Chat widget to a page or form

To add the chat widget to a page or form:

1: Copy the widget code

  1. Go to Chat > Settings > Account > Chat settings.
  2. Select View code.
  3. Copy the widget code to your clipboard.view-code.png

2: Add the Chat widget code to your page

  1. Go to Pages and forms and create or edit a page.
  2. Select Utilities > Add tracking code.
  3. Select + Add tracking code and select Other.
  4. Paste the widget code into the Other tracking code box.tracking-code.PNG

Step 3: Publish your page

Go to step 3.1 if you are publishing for the first time, or 3.2 if you are republishing a page.

  1. Publishing for the first time:
    i. Select Create a link.
    ii. Select Publish.
  2. Republishing a page:
    Select Republish.

That's it! Visit your page to see Chat in action.

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