Set your team working hours

Learn to set your team working hours and let your visitors know when you're not online.


If you're a smaller team, you can't be online all the time. By setting your Chat team's working hours, you can automatically reply to any incoming chats to let your visitors know you're offline.

Before you start

You must be a Chat admin to set the team working hours.

To learn more, check out Roles and permissions of Chat

Setting your team working hours

To set your team working hours:

  1. Go to Chat > Settings.
  2. Select your team name tab.
  3. Under Automated messages > Team working hours, select Enable.
  4. Expand the Timezone drop-down menu, and select the timezone of your team.
  5. Select + New time, to enter your team working hours. Expand the time-based drop-down menus to select the day, from time, and to time.


    Setting a team's working hours and out of hours message

  6. To enter multiple days and times, select + New time again.
  7. Under Out of hours message, enter an out of hours message.

    To learn more about the out of hours message, read our Automated messages article.

  8. Select Save.

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