Split test SMS validation errors

Learn about the different types of validation errors you might receive while creating a split test SMS.


The SMS editor lets you know if there are any validation errors in your message – check the Validation alert. This article helps you pin-point why the validation error is happening and how to fix it.

Split test SMS validation errors

Possible split test SMS validation errors and solutions:

Validation error message Explanation
Campaign content cannot be empty One or more of your split test versions is empty. Add content to each version.
A link must be included in each split test variation One or more of your split test versions doesn't contain a link. Links are how we report on the effectiveness of your SMS split test, so make sure each version contains a link
Ensure all your links have 'http' or 'https' at the beginning You need to make sure that all of your links are prefixed with the correct Hypertext Transfer Protocol; http:// or https://
Sorry you can't paste a platform generated short link into the editor. Please paste the original link you want to send and we will shorten it for all users at the time of send You can't add already shortened links to your SMS split test versions. Add the full URL for your links, and they are automatically shortened when the SMS is sent.



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