Add or change your Chat profile picture

Learn to add or change your Chat user profile picture. 


Your customers see your profile picture alongside each of your messages in the chat widget. By including a good quality profile picture, you instantly appear more friendly and personable to your customers.



Before you start

You don’t need any additional permissions to add or change your profile picture.

Adding or changing your Chat profile picture

To add or change your chat profile picture:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to your account details.
    Find this link in the top right of your account. It’s either your current profile picture or your name’s initials.


  3. From the side-panel, select Edit details.
  4. Under the heading Profile picture, select Choose file.
    • Supported image types: PNG, JPG, and GIF.
    • Max file size: 5mb.
    • Min image dimensions: 200px x 200px
  5. Choose the picture you want as your profile picture.
  6. Select Save.


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