View contact details and activity in Chat

Learn how to see a contact's information and browsing activity.


Chats are easier to manage when you have some context about who they are and where they are on your site. The customer information panel shows you this data about your contact:

  • Contact information
    • Contact's name
    • Contact's email address
      You can only see the name and email address if you have previously added the contact.
  • Contact behaviour
    • First seen
    • Last seen
    • Activity


Contact information

The contact information panel shows you the contact’s name and email address.


To see relevant information in this panel, you must have already identified and added a contact's information. If your contact is unidentified, you only see the messages Anonymous contact and No email address given.

To learn how to add a contact in Chat, check out the article Add a Chat user as a contact.

Contact behaviour

The customer behaviour panel shows you three things: first seen, last seen, and visited pages.


  • First seen
    The time or date the customer first opened the chat widget.
  • Last seen
    The last time that the customer was active on your site.
  • Visited pages
    The last three pages on your site that your customer visited.

    By default, it shows the last three pages on your site that your customer visited. Visited pages are in chronological order, the top page is either the page your contact is currently on, or the last page your contact visited before they left the site. 

    Top tips

    • To see more visited pages, up to a maximum of 15, select View more.
    • To view the page in full on your browser, select the page name – they're links.

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