Understand SMS pay-as-you-go and spend limit

Learn about SMS pay-as-you-go, how to use the rate card, and where to find your spend limit.


Our SMS pay-as-you-go feature lets you send SMS using our rate card. This means you’re only ever charged on your regular invoice for what you spend each month. As part of pay-as-you-go, we assign a spending limit to help make sure you don’t overspend.

Set up pay-as-you-go

If you’ve never used SMS before, you must purchase a number and activate the SMS pay-as-you-go rate card.

To learn more about purchasing a number, check out the Purchase an SMS number.

If you’re already using SMS with credits, you must contact us to swap from credits to pay-as-you-go.

Using the rate card

We list our prices for SMS pay-as-you-go on our rate card. To view your rate card, go to Account > SMS settings.

The rate card prices might change once a month, so look at them regularly to better understand the cost of sending to your chosen countries.

View your spend limit

When you set up SMS pay-as-you-go in-app, we give you an automatic spend limit per month. To view your spend limit, go to Account > Usage and find the SMS spend limit bar chart. This chart shows you how much of your spend limit you have spent in the current month.

The spend limit is there to help protect you from overspending in SMS in any given month. If you spend more than this amount per month, SMS sends stop, so it’s essential that you are happy that your spend limit is high enough to cover what you plan to send in any given month. If it’s not, you need to contact us to get it increased.

Know what you’ve spent

Once you start sending SMS using pay-as-you-go, you can see what countries you’ve sent to, and at what price. To see this, go to Account > SMS settings and look under the heading SMS segments sent.

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