21 October 2020 - Engagement Cloud release notes for 2020.4.2 (aka 20four)

What's new


  • Start automatically and promptly requesting an email address in-chat with in-app email address request.
  • You can now verify a customer is exactly who they say they are with email address verification.

Email campaigns

  • Reviewing the performance of your campaigns is now easier than ever. The campaign comparison table lets you visually compare your campaigns' performance side-by-side. 

Magento 2

Product recommendations

  • We've taken product recommendations to the next level:


Microsoft Dynamics

  • We've added some new Microsoft Dynamics servers and a new sync engine. If you're a Microsoft Dynamics user, you must add a new IP address to your allow list. 
    • For Europe (region 1)
    • For North America (region 2)
    • For Asia Pacific (region 3)

To learn more, check out the full allow list.

  • When there are duplicate CRM contacts, email campaign sends and click report results are now always synced to the oldest linked contact, lead, or account.

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • We've made over 50 bug fixes and improvements!
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