Edit the source code of an email campaign

Learn to edit the source HTML of an email campaign.


Edit the source HTML of your email campaigns, to fine-tune your code and customise it exactly how you want it.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Only edit the source HTML if you understand what you are doing. Otherwise, you might break your template.

Edit the HTML for the entire campaign

When editing the source for the entire HTML document, you can update any part of the campaign, including the <!DOCTYPE>, <head> and <body>.

To edit the entire document source code:

  1. Go to Email > Email campaigns > All email campaigns, and find the email campaign you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. In EasyEditor, expand the Utilities drop-down menu and select Edit source
    To learn more, see Edit source
  4. Edit the HTML in the HTML editor.
    Be careful what you edit as you could break EasyEditor if you edit or remove the wrong thing.
  5. Select Save.

 While editing the source, you can use the toolbar to do the following:

      • Return to the design view
        Select Edit design to exit the HTML source view and return to EasyEditor's normal view.
      • Insert a link
        Select Insert, the link will be inserted at the current cursor position.
      • Insert a data field 
        Select a contact data field to insert it into your HTML code.
      • Insert an image
        When inserted, you may need to add width and/or height attributes as these work better in some older email clients and stop the image from breaking the layout of your campaign.

Find and replace text

The standard browser find-functionality doesn't work well in the code editor for various reasons. However, there is a powerful text search feature built-in that should allow you to do these actions:

      • Ctrl-F
        Start searching
      • Ctrl-G
        Find next
      • Shift-Ctrl-G
        Find previous
      • Shift-Ctrl-F
      • Shift-Ctrl-R
        Replace all

Use Command instead of Ctrl on a Mac. 

Advanced usage

If you'd rather use the HTML source editor than EasyEditor itself, simply add <!-- eehtmlonly --> to the top of the <body> part of your email, and then save. Next time you reload the campaign, it will automatically load in the HTML editor. 

Remove this code if you want to return to using EasyEditor again.

To learn to edit EasyEditor HTML, check out the section EasyEditor template markup.

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