Enrol BigCommerce customers and subscribers onto a Welcome program

Learn how to enrol your customers and subscribers on a program setup in your Dotdigital account.


You can use programs to design automated journeys for your customers and subscribers. Using our Dotdigital for BigCommerce integration, you can then decide what programs you enrol your customers and subscribers onto based on their actions.

For newer installations of the Dotdigital for BigCommerce connector, a welcome program (as well as an Abandoned cart program) is created for you automatically by the installation wizard.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • In order to enrol BigCommerce customers and subscribers onto an automated program, the program must already be created and activated in your Dotdigital account.

    To learn how, check out the article Getting started with the program builder. We recommend using our Welcome program and Loyalty program templates to get started.

Enrol new contacts onto a program

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Integration hub.
  2. Under the Active tab, select BigCommerce.
  3. Under the heading Automation, expand the drop-down menus, then select your premade programs.Enrolcontacttoprogram.png
  4. Select Save.

Scenarios for enrolment

Label Definition
Enrol new customers to The program all new customers are enrolled on.
Enrol new subscribers to The program all new subscribers are enrolled on.
Enrol customers on each new order to The program existing customers are enrolled on after each new order.
Enrol customer on their first order to The program customers are enrolled on after they place their first order.

Contacts can be re-enrolled into the program selected for Enrol new subscribers to if they are removed from the Sync subscribers to address book, and then become a subscriber in your store.

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