Customise the double opt-in confirmation email

Learn how to set a triggered campaign as your double opt-in confirmation email.


If you have chosen to enforce double opt-in on your account, then when your contacts sign up (or are imported, depending on your settings) they are sent a verified double opt-in confirmation email. Once they click the double opt-in link in this email to complete the verification process, the contacts are added to your account.

By default, a system email is used for this purpose. You can preview this email by going to Contacts > Advanced features, and then the Subscription settings tab, and selecting Preview.

doi_system_email_2.pngYou are able to add your logo to this default email, but if you want to further customise the double opt-in confirmation email, then you can instead design and choose a triggered campaign. This allows you to add your branding and your own wording to the email, so a recipient can easily recognise that the email has come from you.

Set a triggered campaign as your confirmation email

Unsupported content

External dynamic content and advanced personalisation can't be used in triggered campaigns for confirmation emails.

To turn on a custom double opt-in confirmation email:

  1. Create a triggered campaign that you want to use as your double opt-in confirmation email.

    To learn how to create a triggered campaign check out the Create a triggered campaign article.

  2. Select Link in the toolbar and insert a Double opt-in link.

    To learn how to insert a Double opt-in link to your campaign check out the Add a double opt-in link section.

  3. Select Save & continue.
  4. Select Generate plain text version to create the plain text version of your email with the double opt-in link.
  5. Select Save & continue or Save again.
  6. Go to Contacts > Advanced features and then the Subscription settings tab, and in the Double opt-in settings section, select the triggered campaign you created.

    You can also set a resubscribe action to either Show some text or Go to a page of your choosing (either your own URL or a landing page) once the contact has clicked the double opt-in confirmation link.

  7. Select Save.

Contacts are then sent your customised double opt-in confirmation email instead of the default one. You can change back to the default email at any time.

An account can make use of one custom double opt-in confirmation email at a time. All double opt-in confirmation emails sent from the account will use the triggered campaign you selected in the Resubscribe settings section (under Contacts > Advanced features and then Subscription settings).

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