Unsubscribe and suppress contacts in Shopify

Learn about unsubscribing and suppressing contacts from Shopify.

Unsubscribe with Shopify

You can unsubscribe a contact in Shopify from the Shopify admin. To do this, go to the Customer section of your Shopify admin, select the customer you want to unsubscribe and edit their Email Marketing status.

To learn more, check out the article Shopify: Email subscriber list management.

After you unsubscribe a contact in the Shopify admin, when the next sync happens, we add all newly subscribed contacts to your address book and remove any unsubscribed ones.

Two-way sync

If you're using two-way sync, then unsubscribes can happen both ways. When you unsubscribe or subscribe a Shopify contact in Dotdigital, then the contact's accept marketing status is updated with the next sync.

To learn more, check out the articles Turn on two-way sync for contacts between Dotdigital and Shopify and Unsubscribe a contact.

Contacts are only removed from the subscribers’ address book

Unsubscribing contacts in Shopify only removes the contact from the subscribers’ address book and doesn't add them to the Dotdigital suppression list. For this reason, the unsubscribed contact's details might remain in Dotdigital. To avoid accidentally sending to an unsubscribed contact, only send campaigns to Shopify contacts using the subscribers’ address book.


To learn more about which address books contacts are added to, check out the article Choose address books for Shopify customers and subscribers.

Unsubscribe from Dotdigital

There are various ways to unsubscribe or suppress a contact in Dotdigital:

  • The contact unsubscribes from within a campaign.
  • The contact's email address has previously hard bounced.
  • You add the contact's email address manually to the suppression list.
    To learn how, check out the article Suppressing email addresses.
  • You add the contact's domain manually to the suppression list.
    To learn how, check out the article Suppressing email addresses.
Unsubscribing a contact from Dotdigital will unsubscribe them from Magento as part of the contact sync. To learn more about contact suppressions, check out Understand email contact suppression reasons.

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