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Add data field personalisation to your email campaign or landing page
Add data field personalisation to your email campaign or landing page

Insert personal information relating to each recipient within the body of the campaign or landing page.

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Add personalisation to your email campaign or landing page using data fields:

  1. To add personalisation, move your cursor to where you want the personalisation to appear in your campaign or landing page and select DATA FIELDS in the toolbar.



  2. This produces a panel on the right-hand side showing a list of available contact data fields you can insert.



    These include:

    • default contact data fields: email, first name, full name, gender, last name, last subscribed, postcode, and your SMS data fields.

    • created contact data fields: any contact data fields you've created for your account (e.g. date of birth, city, company name, etc.)

    • account data fields: sender address (the postal address for the account) and a safe sender message (which includes the 'from' address you're using for the campaign)

    • Insight data fields: this is a more advanced option allowing you to insert appropriate Insight data for contacts or your account. For more on this type of data, check out Insight data and AccountInsight.

  3. From the list, select the contact data field you want to add as personalisation. This inserts a placeholder into your campaign that will be replaced with the personalised data for each recipient.



No data available

When contacts don't have data available, then the default value for a contact data field will be inserted (or a blank if there's no default value). It's best to make sure that you know what this will be, in case it gets used.

To edit a data field's default value:

  1. Expand the User menu and go to Settings > Contacts > Contact data fields

  2. Select the Properties icon for the data field you want to edit.



To see a sample of how your campaign or landing page looks with personalisation, use the Preview option's personalisation function. This allows you to find a contact and preview how the personalisation will specifically look to them.

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