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Save custom building blocks

Re-use custom blocks you've previously created.

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Sometimes you might spend some time creating and designing a content block that would be useful to use again in future email campaigns. To save you from having to recreate that effort every time you want to use the block, you can save it as a Custom building block in EasyEditor.

It’s also possible to create custom building blocks for Surveys, pages, and forms following the same steps outlined below. However, these are distinct from custom blocks created for email campaigns, and the two types of block are not compatible. Custom blocks you build for email are not available in the Surveys, pages, and forms builder, and vice versa.

Create your own reusable blocks

To save a block that you have previously edited so that it’s permanently stored in the Build area:

  1. Drag the created block, or collection of blocks, from your campaign and drop it into the Build side panel.


  2. Enter a memorable name for the block.


  3. Your custom block is now available to drag from the Build tab in the left side panel, under the Custom building blocks section.


Block properties

To edit the properties of a block—the block name and the position it’s stored in—select the block name and then select PROPERTIES.

  1. To rename a block, enter a new value in the Block name field.

  2. To change where a block is stored, expand the Parent folder drop-down menu and select a folder.

  3. Select SAVE to confirm any changes.

Create a folder

To create folders to group your custom building blocks into:

  1. Select the New folder icon.


  2. Enter a name for the folder, then select SAVE.

Once you've created a folder, you can drag any of your existing blocks into it.


Select a folder name to display the blocks in that folder.

You can nest folders in two ways:

  • Select an existing folder to open it, then create a new folder inside it, following the above steps.

  • Hover over a folder, and select the properties icon. Then expand the Parent folder drop-down menu and choose a parent folder.


Delete blocks and folders

To delete a custom building block, either hover over the block and select Delete or drag the block to the Delete icon on the toolbar.


To delete a folder, hover over it and select Delete.

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