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Use the SMS node in your programs.

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Use the SMS campaign node to automatically send an SMS campaign to your contacts.

This node lets you re-engage with your contacts through SMS. You can also use contact data field values in the SMS node to personalise your message.

Multiple SMS nodes

If your account made use of a Triggered SMS profile to send SMS through programs prior to 12th September 2023 then you see both an SMS campaign node and an SMS node in your program builder.

The instructions below are for the SMS campaign node, which uses the new Mobilenumberid channel identifier to send SMS to contacts.

The SMS node is the legacy node linked to your Triggered SMS profile, which used a custom data field to store mobile numbers. You no longer need a Triggered SMS profile to send SMS through programs, but existing ones continue to work.

Use the SMS campaign node in a program

  1. On the program builder, drag the SMS campaign node onto the canvas in the desired position.

  2. Select the node to open the settings.

  3. Select SELECT CAMPAIGN to choose the SMS campaign you want to use, or CREATE CAMPAIGN to create a new one.

Select an existing campaign

  1. Choosing SELECT CAMPAIGN presents you with a list of your automated campaigns by default. However, you can select BROADCAST to switch to a list of your non-automated campaigns.

    Selecting a broadcast campaign
    If you select a campaign from your list of broadcast campaigns, an automated copy of the campaign is created for use in the program. Therefore, if you want to make changes to the campaign being sent by the program, you need to locate the copy under Automation > Triggered SMS.

    When you select a broadcast campaign, a message appears to confirm that an triggered copy is made.

    Campaigns listed in the Select SMS campaign side panel can be sorted by their name or modified date.

    Select the eye icon to preview a campaign. You can also search your campaigns by name.

  2. Select the radio button for a campaign to add it to the SMS campaign node.

Create a new campaign

Select CREATE CAMPAIGN and enter a campaign name.

You need to locate this new campaign under Automation > Triggered SMS in order to add campaign details and content.

You won’t be able to activate the program until you have completed the creation process for any campaigns you have created through an SMS campaign node.

Set an expiry

  1. If the SMS is time-sensitive, for Expiry after, enter a number of hours for the SMS to remain valid. If undelivered after this timeframe, the SMS expires and the send is not re-tried.

    The custom expiry is useful if your SMS is time-sensitive, for example, a 24-hour sale or travel updates.

  2. Select APPLY.

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