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Using the product recommendations builder
Using the product recommendations builder

Send your customers the right recommendations at the right time.

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Create product recommendations to make sure your customers see dynamic, personalised recommendations at the most optimised time in their customer journey. Use correctly, and you'll notice improved product discovery, increased conversions, and higher order value.

We’ve designed the product recommendation builder to let you quickly discover which recommendation to use, at what phase of the customer journey, and which channel to communicate on.

Understand the recommendation builder

The recommendation builder first opens to show all product recommendations. On the left, there’s a list of categories based on various stages of the customer journey. In the centre, each recommendation is displayed as a tile.


Product recommendation tiles

You can see the product recommendation tiles on the Product recommendations builder.


Each tile displays three pieces of information:

  • Title
    The name of the product recommendation.

  • Channel tag
    The channels where you can use this recommendation – for example, Email, Landing page, or Website.

  • Description
    A short description of the recommendation.

Recommendation categories

The category list is on the left side of the product recommendations page. You can either view All recommendations or choose one of the categories to narrow down your selection. There are eight customer-journey categories, and three website-placement categories to choose from.

Customer-journey categories

These recommendations are designed to get the most impact at a particular point within the customer journey.

  • New customers

  • Repeat customers

  • Lapsing customers

  • Inactive customers

  • Post-purchase

  • Extended post-purchase

  • Regular campaigns

  • Abandoned cart

Website-placement categories

These recommendations fit nicely into a particular area of your ecommerce store.

  • Website homepage

  • Website category page

  • Website product page


All product recommendations

You have a selection of product recommendations to choose from. Each recommendation is optimised for various needs within the customer journey.

There are seven pre-designed product recommendations:

  • Best sellers
    Products that have sold the most, favouring more recent sales.

  • Trending
    Products that have a combination of high recent sales and high recent web views.

  • Most viewed
    Products that have the most views on your website, favouring more recent traffic.

  • Lookalikes
    Uses AI to identify products similar to items the customer has previously purchased.

  • Best next
    Uses AI to predict the next products in the customer journey by matching to similar shoppers.

  • New in store

    Products that have recently been added to your product catalog

  • Also bought
    Uses the most recent purchase or currently viewed product on your website to recommend popular products customers also bought

  • Custom category
    Chooses the most recently added products based on your filters.

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