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Use Nosto email widgets in Dotdigital
Use Nosto email widgets in Dotdigital

Showcase additional products to your customers and drive repeat sales with Nosto product recommendation widgets.

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Nosto's product recommendation widgets can be added to your campaigns, pages or forms. Your Nosto widgets are synced to your Dotdigital account as an AccountInsight collection, with each record containing the campaign ID, title, status and URL. Learn more in AccountInsight.

When you add a Nosto block in EasyEditor, the widget’s URL is called and HTML stored in Nosto is used to provide the block’s content.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You need an active Nosto account.

  • You must create an API user in Dotdigital, as you need to add these credentials in Nosto to enable the integration. You need to be a Dotdigital user who is either an account owner, or has the Can manage account permission enabled to create and view API users.
    Learn more in Getting started with the API and Restrict and grant user access permissions.

  • Only widgets with a status of Published are synchronised, and these are updated in Dotdigital any time you save changes to them in Nosto.

Synchronise Nosto's product recommendations to Dotdigital

Nosto email widgets allow you to pull product data directly into your email campaigns, pages and forms so you can make recommendations to your customers without requiring custom coding.

  1. In Nosto, go to Settings > Integrations.


  2. For Dotdigital, select Integrate.

  3. Enter your API user credentials from your Dotdigital account. Find your API user information in Dotdigital, expand the User menu in the bottom left and go to Settings > Access > API users.


  4. Select Submit.

  5. Go to Email Widgets and select Create a New Email Widget. This opens the creation wizard.


  6. Choose the widget type to set which type of products you want to promote in the widget.
    Learn more in Nosto’s support documentation.


  7. Select Dotdigital as your email platform/service provider (ESP) from the list.


  8. Under Visual settings, you can edit how the widget looks. The widget features a product image, name, and current selling price. By default, Nosto displays four products in the widget.


    All styling for email widgets is controlled in Nosto. You can’t edit a widget’s styles or formatting within Dotdigital.

  9. Select Save and Activate.


The widget is displayed in your Nosto interface and synced in real-time with your Dotdigital account. It appears as a block in the EasyEditor menu which you can use for email campaigns, pages and forms.

Add a Nosto product recommendation block

  1. Expand the Nosto sub-menu on the left side of EasyEditor. Blocks for your published campaign widgets are displayed.


  2. Drag the block for the widget you want to use onto your chosen position on the EasyEditor canvas.


  3. When you're happy with your design, select Save.

Nosto and classic email campaign templates

Nosto's HTML is not compatible with older classic Dotdigital email campaign templates, so if you think you may be using a classic template, we strongly recommend testing your template by sending it to an Outlook account. If your email doesn’t display correctly, you need to upgrade to a newer template. Any of Dotdigital’s free templates now work with Nosto HTML.

We also recommend testing how Nosto's personalised recommendations will look in your campaign, page or form by previewing it with a number of different contacts. This will enable you to gauge whether the personalisation is working as expected.

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