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Manage users, accounts, and shared templates.

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The Users and teams settings area allows you to manage your accounts, users and any shared templates you have set up.

In this area you can:

  • Access your additional accounts

  • Create new accounts

  • Allow access for users to accounts

  • Set and edit default user permissions

  • Delete account owners and users

  • Set up shared email campaign templates across accounts

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • The Users and teams area is only available in top-level (parent) accounts.
    Secondary-level (child) accounts see the Manage users area which allows access to that account’s user profiles only.

Team management terminology

Terminology related to team management:

  • Team

    A team is a group of different accounts under one invoice. For example, it might be several accounts for various departments within a company, a group of sister companies, or a company with several different brands – anything that requires different contacts, campaigns, and reporting. There are some things that you can share across accounts and, therefore, across a team.

  • Account owner
    An account owner is the primary admin who runs an account under which they can manage numerous users and their permissions. An account can only have one owner.

  • User
    A user has access to one or more accounts. Each account can have many users. An account owner cannot be a user of another account.

Account owners can access child accounts underneath their own account in the Users and teams area.

Share features across different accounts

You can only share some features across your accounts.




Can be shared


Can be shared

Campaigns (all channels)




From addresses








Users and teams

To manage your team:

  1. Expand the User menu and select Settings.

  2. Go to Users and teams.

Child accounts

To access and edit users in a secondary-level (child) account, go to User menu > Settings > Manage users. It's not possible to manage accounts or shared templates from inside a child account.

There are three areas you can use to manage your team:

  • Users

  • Accounts

  • Templates

Manage your users

The Users area lists all of your team's users, including owners.

You can:

Manage your accounts

The Accounts area lists all of your team's accounts.

From here you can:

  • Create a new account
    Select NEW ACCOUNT to create an entirely separate workspace, in which contacts, campaigns and reports can all be different, whilst email campaign templates and suppressions can be shared.

    A window opens displaying the additional cost per month for the new account. Enter an email address to be owner of the new account and select ADD ACCOUNT.
    Once set up, we send the new account owner a verification email to confirm their email address. The email address must be verified before the account setup is complete. This verification email expires after three days.

  • Log into another account in your team
    Select the login icon next to the account owner. The login icon won't be available against your own account, or against disabled accounts.

  • Access an account's users
    If an account has users, the number is shown in the Users column. You can select the number to view and edit the users of the account.

  • Change account ownership

    You can make a new, existing user the account owner for one of your accounts.

Manage your templates

The Templates area is where you can select email campaign templates to share across your team's accounts. Any already shared templates also display here.

You can't share templates from a child account up to a parent account, only from a parent account down to your child accounts.

From here you can:

  • Share a template
    Select SHARE NEW. This displays any templates eligible to be shared. You can hover over a template to preview or share it.

  • Unshare a template
    Hover over a template and select UNSHARE.

  • Preview a shared template
    Hover over it and select the Preview icon.

The first time you share a template, this creates a new Shared templates folder in each of your accounts. To access these shared templates:

  1. Go to Content > Templates > Custom email templates.

  2. Select the Shared templates folder.

All shared templates are stored here. Any changes you make to a shared template in the parent account updates the template for all users in all accounts.

Other users are able to create campaigns from shared templates, but not edit or rename the templates.

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