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WinstonAI: Rewrite assistant for email
WinstonAI: Rewrite assistant for email

Use WinstonAI for instant inspiration to help improve your copy.

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The WinstonAI rewrite assistant is a tool for content creators. With the help of WinstonAI, you can create captivating content, manage your time more effectively, overcome writer's block, avoid digital uniformity, find inspiration, and effectively convey your message in a tone that matches your company's style.

The WinstonAI Rewrite assistant is currently in BETA.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • WinstonAI is an artificial intelligence tool powered by Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service and ChatGPT, and it might produce incorrect responses. It is crucial to examine any suggestions provided by WinstonAI thoroughly before making changes to your email campaign.

  • WinstonAI runs against a model in Azure that's specific to Dotdigital. The model discards all information after providing feedback on your campaign.

  • The WinstonAI rewrite tool is available in text-based blocks in EasyEditor for email campaigns and Surveys, pages, and forms.

  • Based on a fair usage policy, we ask you to use WinstonAI responsibly. Maximum 200 requests per account every 24 hours.

WinstonAI rewrite options

The WinstonAI rewrite assistant enables you to select from five rewriting options:

  • Check grammar

  • Change tone

  • Change length

  • Rephrase text

  • Add emojis

Grammar check

Fix any grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in your copy. Additionally, you receive constructive feedback to enhance your writing further.

Change tone

Change the tone of your copy. Choose up to two tones with WinstonAI's rewrite assistant.

Available tones:


Description of tone


Warm, approachable, and kind.


Formal, polished, and business-like.


Clever, sharp, and funny.


Emotional and genuine.


Compassionate, understanding, and supportive.


Informative, instructive, and clear.


Light-hearted, amusing, and entertaining.


Informal, relaxed, and conversational.


Pressing, immediate, and intense.


Hopeful, positive, and encouraging.

Change length

Change the length of your copy. Choose to expand or shorten your copy with WinstonAI's rewrite assistant.

Rephrase text

Choose to rewrite your copy in a specific way.

Rewrite options:

Rewrite option



Shorter, more concise version that captures the main points or ideas.


Provides an alternative wording of the text while maintaining the original meaning.

Improve readability

Simplifies by adding clarity and structure to make the text easier to read.


Break down complex ideas or language into simpler terms and concepts.

Add emojis

Add relevant emojis to your copy and brighten it up with WinstonAI's rewrite assistant.

Using the WinstonAI rewrite assistant

To use the WinstonAI rewrite assistant:

  1. In your Email campaign, find the text box you want to rewrite.

  2. Select the WinstonAI icon on the text box, then choose the rewrite option you want to use.

    WinstonAI grammar check automatically scans your message and provides the following:


    A rewrite of your copy based on the rewrite option you chose.

  3. If asked, choose a maximum of two options for your rewrite. For example, a tone type.

  4. Hover over the rewrite, then select COPY in the bottom right. This copies Winston’s rewrite to your clipboard so you can paste it back into your text box.

Supported languages

WinstonAI can check grammar and provide suggestions for any language. However, all feedback and instructions are given in the language associated with your account.

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