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To make use of product blocks, you'll need AccountInsight enabled on your account. This is where your ecommerce products are stored. 


You can add product blocks to your campaigns to easily showcase, promote and sell your ecommerce products as stored in your AccountInsight.

You can specify the product(s) you want in a block, arrange its layout and look, style it via EasyEditor's styling function, specify a currency, plus you can add a source to your product URLs so you can tell where your visitors and customers are being driven from. 

Adding products into your AccountInsight

There are several ways you can get products into your AccountInsight. It will be done automatically for you if you make use of our Magento connector or Commerce Flow, or you can add products via our API.

Adding a product block to your campaign

You'll find the product block available in the side panel, under Build > Building blocks > Tools.


Drag and drop the block into the desired place in your campaign.

Choosing your products

Clicking on the product block in your campaign will open the 'Add product' side panel to the right. This lists all of your products and features an endless scroll. However, you can also use the search facility to locate products.


Click on a product to add it to your block. The product will be added in the side panel and your product block will also update immediately to display it in your campaign.


Click on Add product to add further products to the block.

ee_remove_product.pngTo remove a product, mouse over the product and click on the red cross (as shown above).

You can't add multiple instances of the same product in a block, and a maximum of 4 products can be placed in a single product block.

Edit your layout

You can edit the layout for your product block by clicking on Layout in the accordion menu.



You can choose from a vertical layout or a horizontal layout.



You can choose from a list of countries' currencies, enabling you to display the relevant currency symbol. You can also tick a box if you want to show the country code.



You can add a source to your product URLs here, enabling you to track click-throughs in your analytics reporting.


Button settings

You can display a button per product and choose button settings by clicking on Button settings in the accordion menu. Buttons are displayed by default, so untick 'Display button' if you don't want them. If you choose not to include a button, then a link to the product will be added to the product title.


Other options allow you to enter the text for a button, choose its colour, select its alignment, set padding and minimum width, and you can click on Borders to set border settings.

What it can look like in a campaign...

This is a product block set in a vertical layout, featuring edited left-aligned buttons, with the currency set as Euros and the currency code set to display.

And here's the same block switched to a horizontal layout.

Styling of text

Product text can be styled using EasyEditor's 'Styles' feature, provided the template has been chosen from the 'Start from scratch' and 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' sections of our free templates. If you're using a classic template, then product text can be styled using the available toolbar options.

A word of warning on non-HTTPS images

Please be mindful about serving non-HTTPS product images in your campaign. Over recent years, webmail services such as Gmail and have defaulted to SSL when users log in. This means images served over HTTP represent a non-secure source and as such the email will cause a warning when viewed in recipient browsers. In which case, we advise serving only HTTPS images.
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