Using the Products block

Learn how to use the Products block in EasyEditor.


You can add product blocks to your email campaigns to show, promote and sell your ecommerce products by using AccountInsight. You can pick the products you want in a block, arrange its layout and look, and choose a currency. You can also add a source to your product URLs, so you can tell where your visitors and customers are coming from.



Adding products

You can add products into your AccountInsight automatically, if you use our Magento connector or Commerce flow. You can also use an API.

Read more about Magento, Commerce flow, or the API.

Before you start

You need to enable AccountInsight in your account; this is where your ecommerce products are stored.

Read more about enabling AccountInsight.

Using the Products block

You can add and remove products from your products block in EasyEditor.

Using non-HTTPS images

If you use non-HTTPS product images in your campaign, they could default to SSL images when contacts see it. This means that images served over HTTP represent a non-secure source, and the email campaign may trigger a warning to your contacts when it’s viewed in their browsers or apps. To avoid this, try to use only HTTPS images.

To add a product to your block:

  1. Go to Build > Building blocks > Ecommerce.
  2. Drag the Products block onto the canvas.
  3. Select the block.
  4. In the Products side panel, select Add product.
  5. Choose the product catalog you want to use from the Product catalog drop-down menu.
  6. Search for the product you want to add by name or SKU in the Search products box and select it.

    Repeat steps 4 to 6 if you want to add more products.

To remove a product from your block, select the block on the canvas. In the Products side panel, select the Delete icon for the product you want to remove.


Block limits

You can only add a maximum of four products to a single block, and you can’t add the same product multiple times.

Edit your product block content

You can edit your product block’s layout, settings, and button settings in the Settings panel.

  • Layout
    To edit the layout, select Layout in the side panel. You can choose to show your products vertically or horizontally.
  • Settings
    In the Settings panel, you can edit the currency, price options, and source URL of your products.
    • Currency
      Choose a currency from the Currency drop-down menu you want to show for your products. Select Show country code if you want the currency symbol to appear.
    • Price options
      Select if you want to show regular pricing or special dynamic pricing, if it’s available.
    • Source
      Add a source to your product URLs so you can use the tracking data in your Google Analytics reporting.
  • Button settings
    In the Button settings panel, you can make a button appear below each product by selecting Display button. This opens the button editor, where you can select if you want to use a border or button. If you select Button, you can edit its colour, alignment, padding, and minimum width. If you select Border, you can edit its text, colour, width, and radius. You can also manage your button styles.
  • Product block text
    Select the text in your product block to style it. You can use the text toolbar to change the style, font, size, and colour.
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