Resubscribing a contact after they've been unsubscribed


When a contact unsubscribes, they'll be added to your suppression list.

A contact can be removed from your suppression list by resubscribing them. We detail the two ways this can happen below. 

Please note

Resubscribed contacts are added back to 'All contacts' only, not the address books they were previously in (unless they resubscribed via a signup which allowed them to select those address books).

How a contact can resubscribe themselves

An unsubscribed contact can resubscribe themselves by using your signup form (to see how to create a signup form, visit Creating a signup form). Unlike a brand new contact, they'll receive a resubscribe confirmation email.

A contact will not be resubscribed until they confirm their action by clicking the link in the resubscribe confirmation email. 

The process in full:

  1. The unsubscribed contact fills in and submits your signup form
  2. They receive a resubscribe confirmation email, ensuring they made the request
  3. They click the confirmation link in the email
  4. They become resubscribed


If you've created your own signup form using our API, you'll need to be sure it uses the Resubscribe contact/ResubscribeContact operation/method where appropriate.

Resubscribing a contact on their behalf

If you don't have a signup form, or if a contact requests you resubscribe them on their behalf, you can do so by using the resubscribe tool. Every contact you resubscribe will receive a resubscribe confirmation email.

Be careful

As contacts receive a resubscribe confirmation email as part of the resubscribe process, only attempt to resubscribe contacts who've specifically requested it. Contacts are able to report abuse from the confirmation email, and this will be logged against your account.

If you have a contact who has requested to be resubscribed:

  1. Go to Contacts > Suppressed contacts
  2. Search or browse for the contact(s) to resubscribe
  3. Select the checkbox next to each contact
  4. Select More actions > Resubscribe

A contact will not be resubscribed until they confirm their action by clicking the link in the resubscribe confirmation email. 

Customising the resubscribe confirmation email

You have two options - add your logo to our default resubscribe confirmation email, or fully customise it by setting up a triggered campaign.

You can add your logo to the default email by going to Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings and uploading it there.

To enable a fully customised resubscribe confirmation email with a triggered campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Create a triggered campaign that you wish to use as your resubscribe confirmation email
  2. Select Link in EasyEditor's toolbar and insert the 'Resubscribe' link

  3. Select Save & continue

  4. Select Generate plain text version in the 'Create the plain text version of your email' so that it also includes the resubscribe link. Select Save & continue/Save again.
  5. Go to Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings, scroll down to the 'Resubscribe settings' section and select the triggered campaign you created to send as your resubscribe confirmation email. 

    C_resubscribe_settings.pngYou can also set a resubscribe action to either show some text or go to a page of your choosing (either your own URL or a landing page) once the contact has interacted with the resubscription confirmation link. 
  6. Click Save

Contacts will then get sent your customised resubscribe confirmation email instead of the default one.

You can change back to the default one at any time.

An account can make use of one custom resubscribe confirmation email at a time. All resubscribe confirmation emails sent from the account will use the triggered campaign that's selected in the 'Resubscribe settings' section (under Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings).

Why can't some contacts be resubscribed?

A contact may be unable to resubscribe if:

  • They're on the Global Suppression List
  • You've suppressed their domain from receiving your campaigns
  • They were removed because of a complaint from their ISP. If you wish to resubscribe an ISP complainant, then please send us a copy of an email from the contact confirming their wish to resubscribe (in either .msg or .eml file format - please don't forward it). We'll then be able to initiate our compliance process for this.
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