Using split testing to test multiple subject lines, friendly from names, creative and from addresses


Our system includes a split testing function which enables you to test several different variables within your campaign, such as subject lines, friendly from names, content and even your email from address. Each version of your campaign is analysed to determine which is performing the best and the balance of your emails are sent using that version. This allows you to test and maximise your campaign using the best performing content.

You're able to choose the metric with which a split test winner is judged - opens, clicks and ROI. To be able to choose the ROI metric, however, you'll need to already have ROI tracking set up for your account.

Enabling and setting up split testing

Use the Create stage (step 1) of the campaign creation process to enable the use of split testing. Select Split test settings to access the following options - subject lines, friendly from name, creative and from address:


You can select one, some or all of these options. Make your selections by switching the toggle to Enabled, and then select Apply.

You'll then have a version A and a version B of your campaign to set up, as indicated by the tabs. 


Select the different tabs to switch between the different versions of your campaign.

You can add more versions by selecting the plus tab, up to a maximum of 10. 


If you want to revisit and edit your split testing setup, you can do this any time during the campaign creation process by selecting step 1 Create and then selecting Split test settings.

Once you've finished setting up your split test versions, select Save or Save & continue to move on to content creation in EasyEditor.

If you've selected creative as one of your split testing variables, then EasyEditor will also display a version A and B (and C, D, and so on, depending on how many spit test versions you have) of your template.

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    Great tool

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    Can you split by time sent?

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    Hi Sam

    Could you provide us a bit more detail on your requirement to split testing by time? I assume you would split test a portion of the send and identify what time of day has the highest engagement and then send the remainder at that time the next day?

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    Hi Tom


    I would like to be able to take a contact list and send a quarter out at say 10, 12, 2 and 4 o'clock. That way I could find out the best time to send future emails.





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    Hi Sam

    You could use the graph available in the print report to identify the time of day people are opening your communications. So you could look at your last campaign report in your account and click print report  icon( as below).


    You can see the opens by time of day and then schedule campaign to be sent around the time of day that has teh highest engagement. (see example below)


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    Hi Sam,

    Something that could be useful for you (and any high volume senders) is using is our new send throttling feature with Tom's suggestion.As you stagger your sends you will find the above graphs have a series of spikes depending on the batches split into and time frame sent over. Please note that the throttling feature delivers the emails to the dotMailer power MTA's which use feedback loops to determine when to physically deliver them to the ISP's. Please speak with your account manager if you wish to discuss any of the above.



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    I like the split testing functionality for subject lines and have used this to good effect. I now want to experiment with split content/creative templates, however in an slightly unusual way.

    My question: Can dotmailer measure the success of the template by the number of replies to the message and then send the remainder of the batch to the most successful content?

    We have had some good responses in B2B campaigns that look like a personal '1 to 1' email that say "please reply to let me know if you are interested"


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    In the "Enabling and setting up split testing" section of the article above, it says "Click on Split test settings to access the following options - subject lines, friendly from name, creative and from address. You can select one, some or all of these options."  I'm curious though, how could we test more than one element in one campaign?  On the screen where it asks you "What metric would you like to measure when recording responses?" you can only choose ONE of 3 options (Opens, Clicks or ROI).