Convert a created campaign into a template

Learn to convert a campaign into a template for future campaigns.


Any sent or unsent campaigns that you've created can be copied to your template library for future use.

This is handy as it means you can easily modify preferred designs for continual re-use, avoiding having to repeatedly copy and then edit a specific campaign, or, even less preferably, start completely from scratch.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Converting a campaign into a template 

  1. Select Campaigns from the navigation bar

  2. Select either the Sent or Unsent tab as appropriate

  3. Using the checkboxes to the left, select the campaign you want to create the template from

  4. Select More actions to display the drop-down menu

  5. Select Save as template.


    The selected campaign appears as a copy in New campaign > My templates (which you'll be automatically taken to).

  6. To rename the template, go to Campaigns > My templates, mouse over and select the template you want to rename, select More actions, and select Rename template from the dropdown. A window will open in which to rename the template.

  7. Select Continue to confirm the name change.
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