Delete or recover an email campaign

Learn how to delete an email campaign, and recover email campaigns once deleted.


From time to time, you might need to delete some of your email campaigns. This might be because you're de-cluttering and ridding yourself of old sent campaigns, or you're clearing out drafted campaigns that never got sent. It's good housekeeping.

Delete a campaign

Deleting sent campaigns

Deleting a sent campaign also deletes the campaign's reporting. However, a deleted campaign, and its reporting, can be recovered. To learn more, check out the section Recover a deleted email campaign.

To delete an email campaign:

  1. Go to Email campaigns > All email Campaigns.
  2. Select the checkbox of the campaigns you want to delete.
  3. Select DELETE.
  4. Select DELETE again to confirm.

Recover a deleted email campaign

Sometimes, there may be campaigns that you delete, but later realise you want to edit and re-use Or, you might have mistakenly deleted a campaign that you never meant to. Don't panic - these can be recovered.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Steps to recover a deleted campaign

  1. Go to Settings (⋮) > Recycle bin.
  2. You see the campaigns (and other items) that you've deleted. Select the checkbox for the campaigns you want to retrieve, then select RECOVER.
    You can recover up to a maximum of 150 items in one go by expanding the Items per page drop-down and selecting 150, then using the select all checkbox.

    To recover everything currently in the Recycle bin, select MORE ACTIONS, then select Recover all. A window opens allowing you to confirm which item types you want to recover.

    Set the relevant item types to YES, then select RECOVER ALL. You see a summary of items to be restored. Select RECOVER ALL again to confirm.
  3. You're prompted to confirm the recovery, and you can select which folder you'd like to place the recovered campaign into by expanding the Campaign location drop-down menu and selecting a folder. Select RECOVER to proceed.
Items aren't automatically recovered to the original folder they were in, and you don't get a choice of folder location when recovering more than one item at a time.

Recovered unsent campaigns

A recovered unsent campaign displays the campaign setup screen. You can then edit these settings and continue to edit the content of the campaign or save the campaign, in the normal way.

Recovered sent campaigns

A recovered sent campaign is reinstated in the Sent tab under Email campaigns > All email campaigns, in the folder specified. Its reporting is also recovered and available to view as normal.

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