Using EasyEditor building blocks


Building blocks aren't compatible between classic templates and templates taken from under the 'Start from scratch' or 'Mobile. Rebooted.' sections of the 'Free templates' library.

Please be aware of this and avoid mixing them, otherwise your template won't work how you expect it to.


Every EasyEditor template is made up of building blocks, and a collection of blocks are held in what we term a container.

A block may contain other blocks, as in the example below.

Here we highlight:

  • an outer container of two columns, containing...
  • an inner container of one column, containing...
  • other blocks, one of which is a block that contains both text and an image


As you mouse over a particular block, the header bar will appear. 

In the top left of the header, the type of the block is confirmed (text, image, etc.).

The header bar allows you to carry out three actions on the block:

  • Move the block into a different position by dragging and dropping
  • Duplicate the block
  • Delete the block


When you duplicate a block, the duplicate appears directly below the block you selected.

If the block you select contains other blocks, then all blocks are duplicated. When duplicated, all blocks appear directly below.

Adding and moving blocks

You can move existing blocks within the template to new positions, or drag in new blocks from the Build area of the left-hand side panel.

As you drag a block over an area in the template, dotted drop areas appear above and below each existing block and container.

A dotted drop area then highlights as you mouse over it, making it really easy for you to see where you'll be placing the block.



Creating your own reusable blocks

You can also copy blocks that you’ve created and manipulated, saving them permanently in the Build area where they'll be stored under Custom building blocks. This will save you time, meaning a block or group of blocks that you wish to reuse again and again in future campaigns are readily available.

Simply drag the created block, or collection of blocks, from your campaign and drop it into the Build side panel.


You'll then be prompted to provide a suitable name for the block, allowing you to find it easily next time you need it.


Your own block will then be available to drag and drop from the side panel, just like any of the other standard blocks in the Build area.


Create a folder

You can create folders to group your reusable building blocks into. Click on the New folder icon to do so.


Once you've created a folder, mouse over a building block in order to drag it into the new folder.


Nest folders

You can nest folders by either:

  • creating a new folder when within a folder (the new folder becomes a child of that folder), or by
  • clicking on the folder icon that appears when mousing over a folder and changing the parent folder it belongs to (you can also change the folder's name)

Move blocks into folders

You can move blocks into folders by either:

  • dragging and dropping building blocks into any folder that's visible in the breadcrumb navigation trail, should you have a lot of nested folders, or by
  • clicking on the block to move to highlight it, then clicking on Properties and selecting a new parent folder (you can also change the block's name)

Delete blocks and folders

To delete one of your building blocks, either mouse over the block and click Delete or drag it over to the Delete icon on the toolbar.

To delete a folder, mouse over it and click Delete.

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