Working with images in EasyEditor


Uploading new images
Inserting an image
The images ribbon
Replacing an image

Uploading new images

In the Images section of the side panel, click on the (add image) button. The file upload window will open, allowing you to search your computer for an image. Once found and selected, click Open to upload it. The image will be uploaded and will appear in the 'Images' section of the side panel.

To delete an image from your image side panel, simply drag the image onto the red cross delete icon. The image will be moved into the recycle bin.

If you wish to upload multiple images, organise your images into folders, or crop, resize and edit images, click on Manage to open the image manager.

You can also drag images from your computer into the images side panel.


Inserting an image

Once your images appear in the side panel, you can drag and drop them directly into your template.

As you drag the image over the template, dropbars will appear above and below existing blocks and containers showing you the position you'll be inserting your image. Release the image over a dropbar to insert it there.

If you're inserting an image into a text area, then as you drag the image over the block, a drop box will appear to show you where you can place the image. Release the image and it will appear in the template.


Images dropped into your template are automatically scaled in proportion.

You can select an image and use the resize handle to make the image larger or smaller; as you scale the image, the revised sizes (width and height) are shown in a box just above the image.

If you need to scale an image to only change the height or width, then you'll need to edit the image by clicking on Manage and cropping it within the image manager.

The images toolbar

When you click on an image within your template, the toolbar automatically changes and the side panel expands to show all the images you've uploaded.


The images toolbar contains the following features:


The Link button lets you add links to your images. These could be links to webpages or special links such as links to the unsubscribe page or a survey.


There are several image alignment options available, covering left, right and centre.

If you've inserted an image within a text block then the Inline option will ensure that you can display your image with text above and below it.

Image title

This allows you to enter a description for your image which will serve as the alternative text for it (the HTML alt attribute) that's shown when an image can't be seen. This might be because, for example, the email is being read with a screen reader, or the images haven't been downloaded.

It will also appear as the image's caption when mousing over it.


Margins can be set to add space to each side of your image, setting a distance between the image and the surrounding text.

Each side of the image can have a different margin; this is set by specifying the number of pixels and clicking on the top, bottom, left or right-hand side of the image graphic.



Image blocks can't have margins set. The Borders & padding tool under Styles should be used for this.

Replacing an image

To replace an existing image, simply drag the new image over the existing image and release. The new image is inserted and automatically scaled to fill the block it was inserted into.

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    Is there any way to put an image behind text - so it's like a watermark with the text on top?

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    My graphics are rendered fuzzy. what can i do to avoid this?

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    Hi all,

    @JHP_Group: It is possible to put an image as the background to the email, or to a section of the email; it's not possible to do this through EasyEditor at the moment (might be a good feature request), but you can do it in the HTML and CSS. It's a bit fiddly to make sure this works across different email clients, so if you're not happy working with HTML and CSS it might be worth getting a template built by our design team.

    @Eleanor: It sounds like your images might be being resized. To get the best results it's advisable to make sure you upload your images to exactly the size they will be displayed in the email, that way you don't get any stretching.

    Best wishes,


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    I want to put in my google calendar for the business to show clients the companies up and coming events. I'd rather it not be just an image and hoped it to be a RSS feed so it updates automatically as it does for our website . i have the embed code , is this posssible

  • Avatar

    Hi Celia,

    I've had a look on your site and I can't see the RSS feed link on the events page. If you have that URL you can use the RSS feed in the EasyEditor to pull in your current events. Unfortunately we can't pull in the Google Calendar as it is.



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    Can I pull images from my company website into my email or do I have to save them into the sidebar first? Would like to just use the image url to insert it?

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    Is there a way of setting the image side - my email banner looks fine in the template and preview but when sent it is too small.

  • Avatar

    Hi there, i have two small images at the foot of my email for facebook and twitter links. They view ok on PC/Mac and ipad but on iphone they are huge, stretched and pixellated. Have resized down to make smaller but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Any ideas what i can try to resolve this?

  • Avatar

    Hi there,

    I'm finding that every time I add an image to a dropzone area, there is a gap/padding above and below the image - is there a way to get rid of it?  I've tried sizing it perfectly to the size of the cell, but no joy!

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Hi, my images are rendering fuzzy on mobile devices, I'm using a responsive template so can't accurately predict image sizes for every client - what can you suggest?

    Many thanks


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    Hi Rhys, 

    I'm afraid it's difficult to say what the issue might be here without viewing the campaign and its HTML first-hand. The best advice I can give is to contact our support team by emailing and they'll do their best to look into this further for you.

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    is it possible to add Alt Text to an image in an email campaign?




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    Hi Hayley,

    Yes it is. This is explained under 'Image title' in the 'Images ribbon' section in the above article.



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    Having read all this to find out how to create space between an image and txt I helpfully found out that I need to click on the spacing icon and my troubles will be resolved. The problem is that I can't click on the spacing icon, it is simply grey and unclickable. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks, Amy

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    Hi there 

    Am I able to crop images on dotmailer or would I need to crop before I upload? 



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    Hi Sandra,

    Yes, you can crop your images within dotmailer. Click on Manage **in EasyEditor's 'Images' section to open up the Image manager, double click on the image you want to crop in order to preview it, then click on **Crop at the bottom of the window. The cropping tool will appear over your image and away you go!

    For more on editing your images and cropping, visit

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    At the moment I have my newsletter designed so that I have a picture and then underneath that a few lines of text. I have two pictures with lines of text next to each other. No matter how careful I am that my text under each picture is of equal length it does not show up symmetrical in each platform i test send to. So it might look symmetrical on computer email but not on mobile for example (where the left hand picture will suddenly have a line more text than the right hand picture). is there a way I can make sure dot mailer keeps width the same on each side.



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    Is it possible to replace an image after a campaign has been sent?

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    Hi James,

    If a campaign has left the outbox, it is no longer possible to edit its content.

    If it is still in the outbox (such as a scheduled send can be), then you still have the option of canceling the send and making edits -

    There are some other settings you can edit whilst a campaign is in the outbox without having to cancel it, but text and images are not amongst them -