Getting started — Choosing a template


Selecting a template is the first step to creating a campaign.

Templates form the basic layout of your campaign. We have over thirty to choose from in many different genres, styles and formats, so you should find something to suit your needs!

We also provide two levels of mobile-responsive support in our free templates.

This article explains how to choose a template, plus it provides some guidance on what to consider when choosing one that's appropriate.

Choosing a template 

To choose one of our free templates, follow these steps:

1. Select CampaignsNew campaign and then select the Free templates tab. 


2. You're taken through to our free templates selection.

Mouse over a template and click:

  • the Preview icon to take a closer look at it, and/or
  • Select to pick it


3. You'll be asked to give the campaign a name and choose which folder to keep it in (if you've created a campaign folder already). 


Click Continue to go through to the Provide a few campaign setup details page.

Things to consider when choosing a template

When choosing which template to use, you'll want to consider the amount of content you're going to send and how important each bit is. 

Start from scratch templates are probably better suited to more experienced users who've created and sent several campaigns already.

You'll also want to consider which template supports the level of mobile responsiveness you're expecting.

Two levels of mobile responsive support

All of our free templates are designed to be mobile responsive.

However, we have two distinct types that vary in their level of support - 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' templates and classic templates:

  • Mobile email. Rebooted. Templates are our optimised templates, designed to work seamlessly with all modern devices. Start from scratch templates are also optimised templates.

    They feature the latest upgraded EasyEditor markup, and we'd recommend selecting one of these if you want the very best support for mobile optimisation. 
  • Classic templates are all of our other free templates - the ones under 'Newsletter', 'Promotional', 'Events' and 'eCommerce'. Whilst they're designed to support mobile optimisation, they won't feature the same high level of support and you may still find issues on certain devices.

Once you're in EasyEditor, you can change colours, add new columns, add new spacing, as well as manipulate many other elements and features; your template just forms your starting point.

Previewing a template

To get a better look at a template, hover over the thumbnail and click the eye to preview.


Some of our classic templates have variations on colour and layout available, and you can find these variations to view and select in the top right of the preview screen. 


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Other things you can do with templates

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