Managing automated programs


Your list of programs can be found by going to Automation All programs.

From here you can:

  • Create new programs.
  • Search for programs.
  • Copy programs.
  • Edit/view programs.
  • Delete programs.
  • Move programs to another folder location.
  • Rename programs.
  • Deactivate enrolments for selected programs.
  • Disable programs.


Creating a new program

To create a new program, select New program at the top of the page.

You'll be asked to select from one of our free program templates.

After choosing one, you'll be prompted to give the program a name (you can change this name later), whilst you can also select a folder location for it.

You'll then be taken to the program builder where you can build and edit your program.

Program states

The All programs list shows the current status of each program. A program can have one of five possible statuses:

When programs are first created, they're in a 'Draft' status. In this status, you can make any changes you want. There's no limit to the number of draft programs you can have in your account.
Once activated, a program can't be edited; it enrols new contacts as scheduled and contacts progress through the program according to the rules you've set. It's possible, however, to disable and re-enable enrolments in an active program. There's a limit of 50 active programs per account.
Read more about active programs »
An active program can be deactivated so that it no longer enrols contacts or sends emails. Limited changes can be made to a deactivated program. Deactivated programs that have never enrolled any contacts revert to the 'Draft' status.
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A deleted program won't be visible in the 'My programs' list. If you've deleted a program but want it back, it's recoverable by going to the 'Recycle bin' page (accessed from the settings menu in the bottom left corner of the screen). Active programs can't be deleted; these programs must first be deactivated.
Read only
Deleted programs that have been recovered normally return to a 'Draft'/'Deactivated' status. If, for some reason, the program can't be properly restored - for example, if it was once an active program that had enrolled contacts, and it referenced contact data fields and/or sent campaigns that had since been deleted - then it restores to a 'Read only' state.
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More actions menu

The 'More actions' menu provides four options:

  • Move programs - Move them to another folder location.
  • Rename program.
  • Deactivate enrolments - This deactivates any new enrolments for the selected programs. The programs remain active and continue to send emails to contacts already enrolled, and remain non-editable.
  • Disable programs - This completely disables and deactivates the selected programs. They stop enrolling and carrying out any actions with contacts already enrolled. If the programs have ever enrolled any contacts, they change to a Deactivated state. If they don't enrol any contacts, they revert to a Draft state.
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