Use the page reports

Learn how to keep track of and understand how your pages, made in Pages and forms, are performing.


Reporting for landing pages the number of visits for each of your published landing pages. You can use this information to view and keep up-to-date with the amount of traffic your pages are receiving.

View the page reports

To get to the Reporting page:

  1. Go to Pages and forms.
  2. Select Reporting at the top of the page.
    This takes you to the reporting page.

Understanding the reports

The reporting page lists all of your published and unpublished landing pages.


On the reporting page, you can see the name, the current status of the page (published or unpublished), and the number of page visits.

Every single page load, regardless of whether it's the same person visiting it mulitple times, or even if it's a page refresh, is counted as a single visit.

Search for a page

To search for a landing page, enter the name of the page you are searching for into the search box and select enter on your keyboard.

Change the display settings

To change the display settings of the report, select Display. There are three display options:

  • Sort by
    Use this to change the sort order by either name or number of visits.
  • Folders
    Choose Yes to see the folders in the left-hand side panel, or No to see individual pages only.
  • Visible columns
    If you want to remove any columns, clear the column checkbox.
    The column options:
    • Select all
    • Form responses
    • Name
    • Preview
    • Visits

Want more detailed reporting?

The best way to get more detailed reporting on your landing pages is by adding tracking code to them.

If you haven't looked into the possibility of adding tracking code before, it's probably worth thinking about in order to gain deeper insight into the behaviour of your pages' visitors.

Read more about adding additional tracking to your landing pages.

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