Product recommendation builder


The product recommendation builder can be found under the 'Ecommerce' section. When you click to create a recommendation, you will be asked to choose a recommendation type, and select a specific catalog and name the recommendation. As a side note, for products to be available for selection in a product block, they need to be added to an account's AccountInsight in a collection name that's prefixed with 'catalog_'.

You can then proceed to set up rules to filter products for the following recommendations:

Product recommendation example


This best-seller recommendation has three parts. Include and exclude conditions, which filter the products, and a fallback.

The filtering works like the contact segment builder. By combining and/or conditions, you can create any rules you wish. Your filters can target any product attributes, including enrichment tags.

Once set up, you can add product recommendations to an email campaign, page or form.


A product recommendation can include a fallback. This is a secondary recommendation. It is used when the main recommendation fails to find enough products.

Use fallbacks when:

  • You create very granular filtering and you may not always find enough products.
  • You have a high turnover of products or low stock levels.
  • You use long-running automation programs. Even if you forget to update your recommendation, for example, if products are no longer stocked, products should still be found.

How fallbacks work

If a product recommendation does not return enough recommendations to fill a block, then the fall back is shown. It is a hard switch between the primary or fallback recommendation. For example: if a block needs four products but the primary returns three, we will switch to the fallback for all products. Hard switching makes your revenue attribution simpler.

Previewing recommendations

You can preview the products your recommendation finds by clicking the preview button. This will perform any filtering in real-time, typically returning the product set in less than 15 seconds.

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