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How it works
Add a Nosto product recommendations block


You can add Nosto's personalised product recommendation widgets to your campaigns or landing pages to encourage your customers to make further purchases from your store.


How it works

Provided you have an active Nosto account, and you have Insight data enabled with us, then you simply provide Nosto with your API user credentials.

Nosto will then begin syncing your widgets to us, where they'll be stored in an AccountInsight collection. Only widgets that have a published status will get synced. These will update whenever you save in Nosto. 

The widget's campaign ID, title, status and URL get stored in the AccountInsight collection.

When adding a Nosto block to your campaign or landing page, the widget's URL gets called and Nosto's HTML is used to provide the content. 

Please note - the Nosto block uses a live image. This means, for instance, that best sellers will be the best sellers at the time they're viewed by a recipient or visitor, and these may well have changed by the time someone else views it.

Add a Nosto product recommendation block

You'll find your Nosto product recommendation blocks in EasyEditor by clicking on the Nosto accordion section of the 'Build' tab in the left-hand side panel.

Your published campaign widgets will be available in this sections as blocks.

Simply drag in and drop a block into the required position in your campaign or landing page.


The blocks are responsive.

Nosto's HTML breaks classic campaign templates

We strongly recommend testing your template by sending it to an Outlook account. If your email looks broken, it's firm indication that you'll need to upgrade to a 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' template.

A note on testing: We also strongly recommend testing how Nosto's personalised recommendations are looking in your campaign or landing page by previewing it with a number of different contacts. This will enable you to gauge whether the personalisation is working as expected.


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