Contact scoring - an overview


Contact scoring gives you a way to score and rank your contacts based on two key metrics (scored between 0-100):

  • 'Engagement' - scored on contacts' interaction and behaviours (such as campaign opens, link clicks, and visits to your website) 
  • 'Suitability' - scored on contacts' profiles (such as their job title, industry sector, and location)

These metrics combine to produce a third metric - an overall contact score.

Score labels denote the category the contact is in - e.g. 'Red hot', 'Hot', 'Warm', and so on. This helps your colleagues to understand what's going on, beyond the numbers!

This allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the highest scoring contacts - your 'hot' prospects. 

Contact scoring is important in modern lead management. It provides a common language with which marketing and sales teams can talk to each other, and 'red hot' leads can be handed over when the time is right.

Creating and calculating contacts' scores

You'll first set up the score thresholds for when your labels are applied (e.g. 'Red hot' when a contact's score reaches 80).

Then you'll set up your scoring rules and point increments (or decrements). This makes use of the segment tool to set up conditions (e.g. contact data field 'IS_A_VIP' is 'Yes') that a contact needs to meet in order to be scored against it.

Contact scores are updated automatically once a day, every day. 

Viewing your contacts' scores

A contact's score can be seen when viewing or editing a contact.

You can also change what's displayed in a list of contacts so that the contact scoring columns are visible.

Using contact scoring

In all sorts of ways. Contact scoring (and the platform in general) lends itself to flexibility, so it's really up to you how you make use of it. Your imagination is the limit!

You can use contact scoring to:

This means you could, for example:

  • Engage low scorers by making a tailored program that concentrates on warming them up 
  • Reward your most engaged contacts with discounts and extra content to share, turning them into brand advocates
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