Transfer a chat to another agent or team

Learn to transfer your chat session to another chat agent or team. 


If you've got a question that's better suited to another agent or team, transfer the chat session to them so they can complete the chat quickly.

Before you start

To transfer a chat:

  • You must be a Chat agent
  • The agent you want to transfer the chat to must be part of a chat team
To learn more about permissions and chat teams, check out the articles:

Transferring a chat to another agent

To transfer a chat to another agent:

  1. Go to Chat.
  2. Select the chat session you want to transfer – this opens the chat window.
  3. Select the Transfer chat drop-down menu.
  4. Select the team or name of the agent you are transferring to. The chat transfers instantly.
    Teams appear at the top of the list and agents at the bottom.

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