Use the Last browsed product block in an email campaign

Learn about the Last browsed product block and how to use it in an email campaign.


The product a contact last browsed can be identified because we extended our web behavior tracking script. Because of the extended script and its support of custom values, you can target your contacts with email campaigns that highlight what they last browsed.


So you know what’s required, please read our Introduction to abandoned browse article before continuing.

Using the Last browsed product block

You can add a Last browsed product block to your email campaigns, found in EasyEditor, by going to Build > Building blocks > Ecommerce. The block shows:

  • Product title
  • URL of the product
  • Price
  • Image

You can change the number of products that are shown by increasing the number under the Maximum number of products field. To do this, double-click the Last browsed product block and an adjustable number field appears in the side panel.

From this panel, you can also edit the block’s layout, button, and image settings from the relevant expandable menu.



Additional customisation requires editing the markup and Liquid code.

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