Using the Spacer block

Learn how to use the Spacer block in your email campaign, page or form.


EasyEditor lets you add spaces to your email campaign, page or form layout to space any content you feel needs more room from the rest of your content. You can find the Spacer block in Build > Layout.

The Spacer block in EasyEditor

Using the Spacer block

To use the Spacer block:

  1. Drag the Spacer block into your email campaign, page or form.
  2. Select the block.
  3. In the Settings panel, you can choose the spacer height by using the defaults or making your own.
  4. Select Save.

Old spacers

If you have older spacers in your email campaign, page or form already, new spacers that are added default to the most commonly used height, and the default options change to reflect this. For example, if your most common spacer is eight pixels, then the default options are four, eight and 12 pixels.

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