Turn on and customise in-app email address request

Learn to automatically request a new customer's email addresses at the start of every chat session.


Finding the right time to ask a customer for their email address isn’t always easy. Use the In-chat email address request to ask your customer promptly and politely at the start of their chat session.

There are two main benefits to requesting the customer’s email address:

  • You can link the chat session to an existing contact
    This gives you context to current and future conversations. You can see who the customer is, along with any existing data, for example, identification details, order history, and marketing preferences.
  • You can create a new contact from the chat
    This identifies the customer in the chat session and creates them as a Chat contact. Once done, you can easily identify them next time they start a chat. 


Before you start

Things you need to know before you start:

Step 1: Turn on in-chat email address request

To turn on in-chat email address requests:

  1. Go to Chat > Settings.
  2. Select your team tab.
    You must set up the feature for each team individually.
  3. Under the heading Automated messages, for In-chat email address request, select CONFIGURE.configure.png
  4. For Request email, select On.
    To configure your messages, check out Step 2: Customise your in-chat email address request.
  5. For Email address required, select Yes if you want it to be mandatory. Select No if you want the email field to be optional.

Step 2: Customise your in-app email request messages

Before customising your in-app chat request messages, you must understand the names of each customisable field. Use the diagram below to match the customisable label with the key:


  • 1 – Request message
  • 2 – Email watermark
  • 3 – Submit button
  • 4 – Decline button
  • 5 – Invalid email address message
  • 6 – Thank you message
  • 7 – Message area watermark

To customise your in-app email request messages:

  1. Go to Chat > Settings > Your team, and under the header In-chat email address request, select Set up.
  2. For Request message, enter your email request message.
  3. For Email address watermark, enter your email address watermark text.
  4. For Submit email button text, enter your submit button text.
    The button colour is set by the main colour in your widget settings. To learn more, check out the article Customise the chat widget.
  5. For Decline button text, enter your decline button text.
  6. For Invalid email address message, enter the your invalid email address message.
  7. For Thank you message, enter your thank you message.
  8. For Thank you message watermark, enter your thank you message text.
  9. For Message area watermark, enter your Message area watermark text.
  10. Select Save.

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