Account synchronisation in Shopware 6

Learn how to synchronise data between your Dotdigital account and Shopware 6 store.


After successfully connecting your Dotdigital account to your Shopware 6 store, you can begin synchronising your data.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Check out the Shopware 6 integration checklist to help track your progress.
  • Synchronisation of your Shopware customers' order histories and of your Shopware product catalogue requires Insight data and AccountInsight to be enabled on your account respectively.
    Speak to your Customer Success representative if you'd like to enable these.

Data synchronisation

After connecting to your Shopware store, Data sync is automatically set to ON and synchronisation starts. Syncs take approximately five minutes, but your first syncs may take longer as they import all historic data. You can make your next sync start sooner by selecting SYNC NOW.

To disable synchronisation, select OFF.


Order synchronisation

Your Shopware customers' order histories are automatically synchronise upon installation. You can then segment upon contact order data and target your customers more effectively.

To learn more, check out the article Using Insight data for segmentation.

Product synchronisation

All of your visible products in Shopware automatically synchronise upon installation. This data gets synced to your AccountInsight 'Catalog_' collection, for example: ‘catalog_YourShopwareStoreName_Shopware6’. You can make use of this with the EasyEditor's product block and product recommendation block.

To learn more, check out the article Using the Products block and Using the Last browsed product recommendation block.

Subscribers and customers synchronisation

Your subscribers and customers begin synchronising as soon as you choose which address books and programs to enrol them to using the shopware store settings.

To learn more, check out the articles Sync subscribers and customers to address books in Shopware 6, and Enrol subscribers and customers to programs in Shopware 6.
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