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Aggregate your marketing data and track the performance of your account, channels, and commerce.

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Keep a close eye on all your valuable marketing data from across your account using Dotdigital’s dashboards and reports. Display your data with graphs, tables, and performance tiles to quickly see the areas you’re excelling in and where you might need to focus on improving.

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Dashboards and Reports


Dashboards show an account-wide visual overview of your data for specific channels. For example, the Email dashboard displays statistics from all of your email campaigns including:

  • Engagement data

  • Interaction data

  • Delivery data.

Dashboards are useful for understanding your account's performance, identifying trends, and leveraging that information to improve your future communication with your contacts.


Reports show real-time performance data from individual pieces of content in your account, such as an email campaign from the Email section. Reports are an excellent way to examine your communications in fine detail and can help you determine what criteria makes them successful. You can also go a step further by comparing the reports of multiple pieces of content against each other, for example, multiple email campaigns.

Do more with Analytics

Get started with Analytics using one of our guides.


  • Account analytics (email and SMS)
    View all your email and SMS marketing data from your account in one place.

  • Cross-account analytics (email and SMS)
    Just like Account analytics, Cross-account analytics lets you view all your email and SMS marketing data from your account, but also your child accounts too. This can help you compare all your marketing data from multiple accounts in one place.


  • Email dashboard
    See an account-wide overview of how your email campaigns perform.

  • Email report
    Display informative, real-time data about your email campaigns.

  • SMS report
    Track your SMS campaigns performance.

  • Program report
    Check how your programs are helping your account using the report's table and chart views.

  • Pages and forms report
    Learn about your pages and forms visitors and responses.

  • Chat report
    Check how chat is helping your customers, how quickly each case is resolved, and who your top agents are.

  • Transactional email dashboard
    Display an account-wide visual overview of your transactional emails.



Use cases

Analytics is an invaluable resource that helps you to grow your organisation and endlessly improve your content. There’s a number of useful things to learn from your account’s data and many ways to utilise it for improving, here’s a couple of popular examples:

  • Compare and contrast split test campaigns, see which content has a higher click rate and determine the best content and send times.

  • Pull all your accounts performances into one place with Cross-account analytics. This can be useful for seeing which accounts are generating the most engagement and how this can be replicated in others.

  • Nobody likes lost revenue, use abandoned cart reports to see your cart Recovery rate, Revenue recovered, and Value of lost carts.

  • Wow your investors with up-to-date reports on how your organisation is improving.

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