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Add agents to your team
Add agents to your team

With your Chat team ready to go, it's now time to add agents to get things going.

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Before you start

  • You must be a Chat admin to add agents to your team.

  • Agents must already have agent permissions set up on their account.
    Learn more in Roles and permissions of Chat

  • You must have available agent seats on your account. To purchase more agent seats, contact your Account or Customer success manager.

Watch the video

Some information in this video has changed. We are working on updating the video, but in the meantime, use the article for accurate navigation instructions.

Add agents to your team

  1. Expand the User menu, then go to Settings > Chat > Settings.

  2. Select your team name tab.

  3. Under Team agents, select + Choose agents.

  4. Select the user's email address to make them a Chat agent. If you accidentally add the wrong email address, select the red x next to their name to remove them.

  5. Once complete, select the x in the top-right to go back to your Chat settings.

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