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Export a contact and their chat history
Export a contact and their chat history

Keep copies of your Chats to record your business's conversations with your customers.

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When you export a contact, you download a zip file containing two files:

  • a CSV file containing the contact's information

  • a JSON file of their chat history.

Export a contact and their chat history

  1. On the chat interface, select the chat session of the contact you want to export – this opens the chat window.

  2. Select the Contact actions drop-down menu in the right column of the chat window.

  3. Select Export contact, and wait on the Exports page until the status changes to Finished.

  4. Select Download — a zip file downloads to your local machine containing two files:

    • the contact's information in CSV

    • their message history in JSON.

  5. Unzip the file to access either of the files.

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