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Get started with automation
Get started with automation

Save time and increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

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Automation is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to react quickly and efficiently to contact interactions and set up scheduled actions for the future. You can also automate a whole range of your most repetitive tasks to save time and let you focus on other things.

Types of automation

There are lots of options for automating your workload in Dotdigital. Here’s a rundown of the different tools the platform offers to streamline your processes and lighten your workload.


Create and build program journeys with the program builder. Automate your workflows without writing a single line of code.

Triggered email and SMS campaigns

Create and design bespoke email and SMS campaigns for use in automations.

Email auto responders

Choose a triggered email campaign to automatically send to contacts who reply to any of your email campaigns, or set a triggered campaign as a response to replies sent to a specific campaign.

SMS auto-responders and trigger words

Set up an automated SMS campaign to be sent to anyone who sends you an inbound SMS message, or create trigger words which receive a specific SMS campaign in response.

Transactional email

Send automatic, non-marketing communications to your contacts in response to their interactions with you - for example, password reset requests or order confirmations.

Read more about using transactional email.

What to do with automation

There are huge numbers of possibilities for using automation. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

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