Split test an email campaign

Learn to use split testing to test multiple subject lines, from-names, and from-addresses of your email campaigns.


The split-testing function enables you to test several different variables within your campaigns, such as subject lines, friendly from names, content and even your email from address. Each version of your campaign is analysed to determine which is performing the best and the balance of your emails are sent using that version. This allows you to test and maximise your campaign using the best performing content.

You're able to choose the metric with which a split test winner is judged - opens, clicks and ROI. To be able to choose the ROI metric, however, you'll need to already have ROI tracking set up for your account.

ROI is not available as an option for split test metrics if your account uses Advanced revenue attribution.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Create a split test

To create split test emails:

  1. Open the email Create page by:
    1. Creating a new email campaign.
    2. Selecting the page from the top right of an existing campaign.
  2. Select Split test settings.split-test-settings.png
  3. From Split test settings menu, toggle the split test feature you want to use to Enable:
    1. Subject lines - Critical for contact engagement.
    2. Friendly name - Find out which from name your contacts are most responsive to.
    3. Creative - Identify the most effective template or content for your campaign.split_test_settings.PNG
  4. Select Apply to save settings and create a split test email.

Use split test emails

With split testing enabled, two different versions of your campaign are available at the top left of the screen in different tabs.


Select the different tabs to switch between the different versions of your campaign.

If you want to revisit and edit your split testing setup, you can do this any time during the campaign creation process by selecting Create and then selecting Split test settings.

From the Create page, you can add more versions of your split test by selecting the plus tab, up to a maximum of 10. You can also remove versions by selecting the X next to the version name.

Once you've finished setting up your split test versions, select Save or Save & continue to move on to content creation in EasyEditor.

If you've selected creative as one of your split testing variables, EasyEditor displays a version A and B (and C, D, and so on, depending on how many split test versions you have) of your template.

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