Create emails in multiple languages and alphabets


You're able to create and send your emails in any foreign language using the application.

However, in some cases, it could be that you'll need to make an adjustment to your account settings in order to guarantee full support of the specific character set you're using. 

By correctly adjusting this setting, which is called the default encoding function, you can be confident your contacts will receive your email without any missing/substituted characters in foreign languages, including Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

Although this may sound a little complex, please read on for a full explanation. Alternatively, you may decide to seek the further advice of a developer to help you out.

About the default encoding function

You'll find the default encoding function by clicking the person-and-cog icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, and then going to Account > Account settings.

The 'Default encoding' dropdown is under the 'Localisation' section at the very top of the page.


You'll see your default setting. Most users won't need to switch from this.

Why the default encoding could need changing

Some languages have more unusual and extensive alphabets than others. This can require a different character encoding to ensure all of the various characters found within it are represented. For example, in our dropdown, we have 'Cyrillic (Windows)', which is commonly used in Russia to display characters like Л and Д, and many more.

Depending on what language or languages you want to send your emails in, it's worth checking just to make sure you're aware of any special requirements that may require a change to the default encoding setting.

Changing the default encoding

If you do need to make a change, simply use the dropdown next to 'Default encoding' to make a new selection, and then click Save settings at the foot of the page to apply it.


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