Program messaging channel: Email campaign


Having defined the start criteria, you'll probably want to next add a campaign to be sent to your contacts.

Simply drag and drop a Campaign node from the 'Program nodes' panel onto the canvas. You're now ready to move on to selecting a campaign to be sent from this node.


Selecting a campaign for a campaign node

Click on the Campaign node to select your campaign. A panel of options will slide in from the right side of the screen.

At the top of this panel, either click Select campaign to select an existing campaign or click + Create campaign to set up a new one.


Clicking Select campaign will present you with a list of your triggered campaigns by default.

However, you can click on Standard to switch to a list of your non-triggered campaigns. Selecting one will create a triggered copy of it to use in the node, and you'll be told which triggered folder the copy has been placed in.


If there are no campaigns, you'll need to create at least one triggered campaign.

Clicking + Create campaign is a quick way to add a new triggered campaign, and will ensure it's listed when you next click Select campaign.

After creating a triggered campaign in this way, you'll need to locate it under Automation > Triggered campaign content when you're ready to create its content in EasyEditor (a program can't be activated until these campaigns have been subsequently edited and given content).

Campaigns listed under Select campaign can be sorted by their name or modified date.

Click on the eye icon to preview your campaigns from here.

You can also search your campaigns by name.


When happy with your selection, click Apply to make your changes to the node.

Changing a campaign's content in an active program

To change a campaign's content in an active program, you don't need to deactivate the program. Simply go to Automation > Triggered campaign content, click on the campaign in question to edit it, and then save it.

From then on, the program will send the updated version of the campaign. 

Changing over to a different campaign in an active program

To edit a campaign node so that it sends a different campaign in an active program, you do need to deactivate the program - otherwise you simply can't make the change. Click on Deactivate this program in the program builder, click on the campaign node to make your campaign change, and then click on Activate to reactivate the program. 

From then on, the program will send the campaign that has been switched over to. 

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    are you able to do split-testing in an automated program with triggered campaigns?
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    Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for your question. You can perform split testing for standard campaigns but you can't for triggered campaigns.

    I see you have already raised a feature request for this here - - which is the best thing to do, as our other users can show their support for it by voting for it. The more support it gets, the more likely it is to make it into our development plans.

    In the meantime, I'd just like to draw your attention to our random split node for programs, which may or may not be of use to you. By using it, you could at least evaluate the performance of two different routes using a different variation of a campaign.

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    It's not clear why Programs make some campaigns available and other campaigns not available. I created Campaigns and they were not available for selection when creating a Program. I copied those campaigns to the Template library and they were still unavailable. I created Campaigns from the Templates and copied them into "Triggered Campaign Content" and they still are not available. What does it take to make a campaign available for selection within a program?

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    Hi Ryan. Any campaign that you wish to use in a program needs to be set as a 'triggered' campaign. Campaigns set as 'triggered' will be available for use in programs, and campaigns set as 'standard' won't be available.

    One way of automatically creating a triggered campaign is by creating a new campaign in the 'Automation' > 'Triggered campaign content' area.

    Otherwise 'triggered' can be set on the first 'Create' step of the campaign creation process. On the 'Provide a few campaign setup details' page, click on the 'Campaign settings' button and switch the setting from 'Standard' to 'Triggered'. From then on, you'll find that the campaign will be listed under 'Automation' > 'Triggered campaign content' and will be available for use in programs.

    You can also edit an existing campaign, or copy an existing campaign, and then select 'Create' from the steps in the top right corner to change the campaign's settings.

    You can read more on this here - Hope that helps.

    Edited by Neal Goldsmith
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    Had a quick question. Is there a way of being notified when someone has completed a automated program? So once an individual has completed my welcome program could I be notified of that fact?

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    Hi Peter. Thanks for your question. Whilst the program builder doesn't have this functionality in and of itself, there is a way to achieve this by making use of an additional feature of the platform - address book join notifications.

    Firstly, just before an end node, place a subscription node. This will add the contact to that address book after whatever the final action is and just before they exit the program. Create and call the address book something like 'Has completed the welcome program':

    Next, you'd go to Contacts, click on the Properties icon next to the 'Has completed the welcome program' address book, add your email address to the 'Join notification' field and click Save.

    This will result in a notification email being sent to you when the contact joins the address book, which is essentially when they've finished the program. I hope that helps.

    Edited by Neal Goldsmith