EasyEditor - an overview


EasyEditor is a powerful tool that allows you to create, edit, and style both email campaigns and landing pages without writing a single line of HTML or CSS (however, you can still edit the source code if you want).

Creating an email campaign or a landing page

EasyEditor uses building blocks, which are pre-written lines of HTML code. This code contains our template markup, which allows you to interact with the building blocks in EasyEditor. To add a building block, just drag and drop it where you want.

EasyEditor offers many different types of building blocks. These include, for instance:

  • Text: Adds a text box that you can type into
  • Image: Adds an image block that you can place images into
  • Sharing: Adds sharing links for a variety of social network platforms
  • Dynamic content: Allows you to show different content to different contacts, depending on values held in their contact data fields


Styling an email campaign or a landing page

If you don't want to edit the CSS in the source code, you can use the 'Styles' tab in EasyEditor to do the following:

If you want to apply a particular button style or a text style, you can use the style manager.

Previewing content

Emails are displayed differently, depending on the devices they're viewed on and the browsers and email clients they're opened in.

EasyEditor allows you to preview your campaign for the different device formats of desktop, tablet and phone. However, these are approximations only.

If you want to see what your campaign looks like in different browsers and different email clients, use our inbox and spam filter test.

Note: We won't allow you to send a campaign without an unsubscribe link.

Editing the HTML and CSS

Sometimes you may want to edit the source code and create something that we don't offer in the 'Build' tab or 'Styles' tab. To edit the source code, click on Utilities and select Edit source.


Make sure that you use our EasyEditor template markup when editing the source code.

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