Nosto integration


You can add Nosto's personalised product recommendation widgets to your campaigns, pages or forms to encourage your customers to make further purchases from your store.


Before you start

How it works

Provided you have an active Nosto account, and you have Insight data enabled with us, then you simply provide Nosto with your API user credentials.

Nosto will then begin syncing your widgets to us, where they'll be stored in an AccountInsight collection. Only widgets that have a published status will get synced. These will update whenever you save in Nosto.

The widget's campaign ID, title, status and URL get stored in the AccountInsight collection.

When adding a Nosto block to your campaign, page or form, the widget's URL gets called and Nosto's HTML is used to provide the content.

Adding a Nosto product recommendation block

You'll find your Nosto product recommendation blocks in EasyEditor by clicking on the Nosto accordion section of the Build tab in the left side panel. Your published campaign widgets will be available in this section as blocks.


Simply drag and drop the block to the desired position in your campaign, page or form.



Nosto's HTML does break classic campaign templates, so we strongly recommend testing your template by sending it to an Outlook account. If your email looks broken, it's a firm indication that you'll need to upgrade to a 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' template. We also strongly recommend testing how Nosto's personalised recommendations will look in your campaign, page or form by previewing it with a number of different contacts. This will enable you to gauge whether the personalisation is working as expected.

Synchronising Nosto's product recommendations to EasyEditor using Email Widgets

Nosto Email Widgets allow you to make use of the intelligence of Nosto to promote right products to the right audience in your email campaigns, pages and forms. Widgets support all modern email service providers without laborious back-end integration, meaning that you can go live merely in minutes. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Nosto's ‘Integrations’ area by clicking Settings > Integrations

  2. Click Integrate in the 'Dotdigital' block. After the menu expands, you will need to input your API user credentials from your Engagement Cloud account.

  3. Navigate to ‘Email Widgets' and click Create a New Email Widget, which will open the creation wizard

  4. Choose the widget type, that is what kind of products you would like to promote in the widget

  5. Choose 'dotdigital' as your email platform/service provider (ESP) from the list

  6. Under visual settings, you can amend some key visual aspects of the widget. The widget will feature a product’s image, name and current selling price. By default, Nosto displays four products in the widget.



    Styling is controlled here, not within Engagement Cloud.
  7. Copy the widget by clicking Copy to Clipboard > Save and Activate


The widget will be displayed in your interface and synced in real-time with your connected Engagement Cloud account and can be dragged and dropped as a block in EasyEditor for emails, pages and forms.

When adding a Nosto block to your campaign, page or form, the widget's URL gets called and Nosto's HTML is used to provide the content.

Synchronising Nosto's behavioral segments to a data field (comma-separated data)

  1. Navigate to Nosto's ‘Integrations’ area by clicking Settings > Integrations

  2. When you click Integrate, the menu expands, and you need to input your API user credentials from your Engagement Cloud account

  3. Click the toggle switch to ON under ‘Enable Daily Segment Sync’

  4. After confirming the connection, the integration will upload and update all email addresses processed by Nosto to Engagement Cloud


    You may wish to check your Engagement Cloud account doesn’t automatically dispatch email campaigns when new contacts or address books are uploaded and created, as such automated daily enrolling emails or automated messages when a new contact joins an address book.
  5. Navigate next to ‘Segmentation & Insights’ view and select the segment you would like to add and synchronize into Engagement Cloud by clicking the pen icon on top of the segment; this will open up the synchronisation menu

  6. Choose dotdigital from the selection, toggle the switch and save, which will synchronize the selected segment into Engagement Cloud

  7. Instead of creating new contacts, Nosto adds a data field called ‘NOSTOSEGMENTS’ into existing Engagement Cloud contacts with an identical value to the Nosto segment name that you have created in the Nosto admin. Based on the value (Nosto segment name), you can include and exclude contacts who are in particular Nosto segments into your Engagement Cloud segments.


    If a contact fits into more than one segment, the segment names will build up in the data field and be separated by commas, for example VIP Customer, Nike lover, Freq shopper. This sync happens twice a day at 2:47am and pm, in order not to burn the API limits.

Synchronising emails and contacts acquired through Nosto's pop-ups

If you are using Nosto's onsite pop-ups to collect email addresses, you can sync all collected email addresses to Engagement Cloud in a few clicks.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Emails > Email Export tab
  2. Select dotdigital

  3. Define frequency under schedule. You can either export in one batch or set up a daily or weekly schedule export.

  4. Select any pop-up campaign as a source for collecting email addresses

  5. Select the Engagement Cloud list (address book) you want to target. As you have already connected your Engagement Cloud and Nosto accounts, all your Engagement Cloud lists are de-facto available through the dropdown menu when you select a targeted list.
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