Add Fresh Relevance Slots to your campaigns

Learn to use Fresh Relevance content in your campaigns.


You can add content from your Fresh Relevance account directly into Dotdigital using EasyEditor App blocks.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have a Fresh Relevance account.
  • You must first create a Dotdigital API user.
    To learn how to create an API user, check out the article Create an API user.
  • Yotpo reviews app blocks can be used in email campaigns and pages and forms.
  • App blocks can only be placed on the base canvas and can NOT be placed inside other blocks such as columns or dynamic content blocks. You can place them inside base Container blocks in the Pages and forms EasyEditor.

1. Connect Fresh Relevance to Dotdigital

To connect your Fresh Relevance account to Dotdigital:

  1. In Fresh Relevance, go to Settings > Messaging Providers.
  2. Expand the Service Provider drop-down menu, and select Dotdigital. Then select Next.
  3. Enter a name for your channel. Then select Next.
    Choose something you'll recognise, like Dotdigital or Email.
  4. Expand the API Region drop-down menu, then choose the region of your Dotdigital account.
    Regions are based on the account location: R1 (Europe, Middle East and Africa), R2 (North America), R3 (Asia Pacific). If you're unsure, check out the article Get account information.
  5. For API Account Username and API Account Password, enter your Dotdigital API username and password.
    To learn how to create an API user, check out the article Create an API user.
  6. Select Next. You can now see Dotdigital in your available channels.

2. Push your Slots to Dotdigital

  1. In Fresh Relevance, create a smart block, and then create the Slot you want to use as an App block.
  2. While editing the Slot, go to Use > Publish to ESP.
  3. Select Push to Dotdigital.
    This pushes your Slot to make it available as an App block in EasyEditor of your Dotdigital account.

3. Add the Fresh Relevance App block to a campaign

To add a Fresh Relevance App block to a campaign:

  1. In Dotdigital, either create a new campaign or edit the campaign you want to add the Fresh Relevance block to.
    To learn more, check out the article Create, test, and send an email campaign.
  2. From the EasyEditor Build menu, expand the Fresh Relevance App block menu.
  3. Find the App block you want to add, then drag it into place on the EasyEditor canvas.


  4. Finish editing and send your campaign.

    To learn more about using EasyEditor, check out the section Use EasyEditor to edit your email campaign.

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