Product recommendations - an overview

What are product recommendations?

A product recommendation defines the products you wish to recommend to your contacts, and it is made of two parts:

  • Type: how products should be recommended (e.g. best sellers, most viewed, etc);
  • Filters (optional): how you wish to filter the recommended products (e.g. female running shoes less than £100).

If you are an ecommerce retailer, you can use this feature to insert dynamic product content into your campaigns.

Before you can start building product recommendations, you need to ensure that your ecommerce store is connected to Engagement Cloud. This can be done via our market-leading ecommerce integrations:

If you use another ecommerce platform, you can connect your store to Engagement Cloud by using our API.

What types of product recommendations are available?

Depending on the Insight data you have synced to Engagement Cloud, you may have access to the following recommendation types:

  • Custom category - used only the filters you define to select a single product set from your catalog, with no extra statistics being considered 
  • Best sellers - calculates the best selling products in your catalog
  • Most viewed - calculates the most viewed products in your catalog
  • Trending - calculates trending products in your catalog by analysing data from best sellers and most viewed products
  • Predictive - machine learning powers our hybrid model to predict and suggest optimal product sets based on your contacts' purchase and browsing behaviour

In the future, we will also introduce the following recommendation types

  • Last browsed (coming soon)
  • Bought together (coming soon)
  • Also bought (coming soon)

Data enrichment for filters

Before you can filter a type of product recommendation, you need additional data about each product such as colour and price. To get this additional data, you can use our product data enrichment feature, which leverages artificial intelligence to collect more data about your products.

How do I use product recommendations?

Go to Ecommerce > Product recommendations. Here, you can choose a type, and, depending on the type, add additional filters in the recommendation builder. Once you have created a product recommendation, it will be available as a block inside Engagement Cloud’s EasyEditor.

Product recommendation blocks can be dragged into your campaigns like other types of block. Once you have added a recommendation, you can change its basic layout and preview it. 

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