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Learn to create additional Chat teams in your account.


You can add and manage multiple chat teams from within your account. Adding multiple teams to Chat lets you create your teams based on different roles, for example, Sales, Technical support, Accounts and billing.

When a customer selects the Chat widget on your site, they have the option to choose which team they want to chat with.

Before you start

You must be a Chat admin to add multiple teams.

To learn more, check out Roles and permissions of Chat

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Adding another Chat team

To add another Chat team:

  1. Go to Chat > Settings, and select the + tab next to your current Chat team tabs.
  2. Under Team name, enter a team name in the box.
  3. Select + Choose agents to add agents to your Chat team.
  4. Under Automated messages, set up your Welcome and End of chat messages.

    If you need help, check out Set your automated messages.

  5. Under Team working hours, set your team working hours and Out of hours message.

    If you need help, check out Set your team working hours.

  6. Select Save.


  • You can only create a maximum of seven Chat teams in your account.
  • If you only have one Chat team and you hide it then the Chat widget / icon will disappear from your website.

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